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Project | 01
Diversity​, Equity, & Inclusion in Field Biology: A Classroom Conversation about the Birding While Black Movement & Beyond

I led a team of graduate student TA's to design and implement a teaching module in Introductory Field Biology that supports students in reflecting on the ways that people with different identities might have different access to, participation in, and retention in natural science fields and hobbies.  We are working on writing up this work for publication in the journal, CourseSource.

Project | 02
Teamwork Skills in Course-based Field Research 

When I joined Introductory FIeld Biology in 2019, I drew on evidence-based teaching practices and cooperative learning theory to help transition a student research project from a solo endeavor to a team-based one.  The Cornell Chronicle recently featured our efforts in an article and video-- check it out here!

Project | 03
Capstone Course Modules on Collaborative Project Skills​

I have been working with Environmental & Sustainability Science Capstone Course faculty to design and implement active learning activities and workshops related to collaborative project skills, including teamwork, project management, and interpersonal communication.  Teaching resources I have developed are available here.

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